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Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable is a word and a concept that John D’Amelio, President of Precast Specialties Corp., wants you to think about when you consider precast concrete for your next project. The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) defines a sustainable building as “One in which the site, design, construction, occupancy, maintenance, and deconstruction of the building are accounted for in ways that promote energy, water, and material efficiencies, while providing healthy, productive, and comfortable indoor environments and long-term benefits to owners, occupants, and society as a whole.”

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Precast Specialties Corp. is Changing the Way Architects See the Built Environment

Like a chef without knives, or a painter without a palette…
Like a sculptor without a chisel, or a musician without an instrument…
This is an architect without the assistance, support and cooperation of a company that specializes in architectural precast.

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Does a Dowel Make a Better Curb?

From time to time we are asked: “Why doesn’t Precast Specialties curb have dowel holes?” The answer to this question starts with the basis that the State of Massachusetts does not require the use of dowels in its specifications for precast curb.

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Smart Design-Build Teams Add Subcontractors to the Mix

By Dyanne Bean
February 2010

The delivery method that reconciled the fact that contractors and designers are no longer adversaries—but now partners with common goals—is working on the next relationship stage. Today, design-build partners realize the necessity of including subcontractors as part of the design-build team at the start of a project.

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