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Architectural Precast by Precast Specialties Corp. Provides Innovation for New NOAA Facility

Project: Northeast Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Services
Contractor: J.M. Coull Inc.
Architect: 4240 Architecture, Inc.

Abington, MA-based Precast Specialties Corp. provided 30,000sf of architectural precast panels for the Northeast Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries in Gloucester, MA – a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA). Precast Specialties Corp. provided an aesthetically pleasing solution to replace masonry-laid brick in the original SPEC. John D’Amelio, President of Precast Specialties Corp. says, “We could provide the facility with a realistic way to complete the design within the constraints of weather conditions and a tight schedule.”

In 90-days, 439 precast panels were fabricated by Precast Specialties Corp. with inlaid architectural thin brick made by METROBRICK®. American Steel and Precast Erectors was subcontracted by Precast Specialties Corp. to complete the in-field installation because of their excellence and reliability during over ten years of working together. Installation took only one month.

For a project constrained by both budget and time, the proximity of Precast Specialties Corp. to the jobsite helped to minimize transportation costs and highlights the importance of incorporating local building materials into the planning and construction of facilities.

The fact that the fabrication and in-field installation of 30,000sf of precast panels could be completed in a New England winter while staying on budget and on schedule is a testament to the power of precast concrete as a building material suited to meet specific needs and also to the importance of choosing the right building materials from a local supplier.

Precast Specialties Corp. specializes in the manufacture of innovative precast including architectural precast panels, precast concrete roadway products and custom precast products for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Though the building’s initial design by Behrnt Aaberg, Associate at 4240 Architecture, called for masonry-laid brick, time and budget constraints dictated a need for the precast solution. “The precast looks great,” says Aaberg, “the brick looks perfect”.

The new 97,000sf facility is a four-story morale-booster for the NOAA staff, notes Marjorie Mooney-Seus, Communications Officer. The ribbon-cutting ceremony in November was a well-attended occasion of celebration. Whereas old facilities could not accommodate the entire staff, the new space allows collective meetings important for team collaboration. It is comprised of offices and space for public hearings. Key features of the facility are the natural light and an exhibit hall near the entrance that allows both employees and visitors to see the features and services of The National Marine Fisheries. Mooney-Seus also notes importance of Energy Star ratings that will save NOAA money in the long term.

Aaberg says that “Meeting the needs of multiple entities is always a challenge and I think this building does a good job of that”. Now at 55 Great Republic Drive in Gloucester, MA the building is serving both employees and visitors. Precast Specialties Corp. is proud to have supplied and installed the precast panels to the facility that D’Amelio regards as “a valuable example that demonstrates the innovative possibility of precast and the practical applications of its quick fabrication and installation in the weather conditions of New England”.

METROBRICK is a registered trademark of Ironrock Capital, Inc.

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    Its amazing that you were able to fabricate 439 precast concrete panels in 90-days.

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