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  • on 11.03.2010
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Smart Design-Build Teams Add Subcontractors to the Mix

By Dyanne Bean
February 2010

The delivery method that reconciled the fact that contractors and designers are no longer adversaries—but now partners with common goals—is working on the next relationship stage. Today, design-build partners realize the necessity of including subcontractors as part of the design-build team at the start of a project.

To achieve this next step in the design-build delivery method, project partners must overcome two misconceptions: first, a stereotypical adversarial relationship between contractor and subcontractor; and second, the perception that this early partnership requires sacrificing the best price. Getting past these issues is critical to expanding the synergies of the design-build team and ensuring the most successful project. more

Read the full article in Construction Executive Magazine about how materials subcontractors like Precast Specialties Corp. contribute to successful and smart design-build teams.

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