Article written

  • on 12.03.2010
  • at 03:57 AM
  • by Precast Specialties Corp.

Does a Dowel Make a Better Curb?

From time to time we are asked: “Why doesn’t Precast Specialties curb have dowel holes?” The answer to this question starts with the basis that the State of Massachusetts does not require the use of dowels in its specifications for precast curb.

Precast Specialties Corp. has been manufacturing precast curb to the State’s specifications for over thirty years. During this time we have worked with most of the region’s top installers and they will be the first to tell you that the use of dowels does not increase the integrity or stability of the curb. They will go on to tell you that properly “bedding” the curb in concrete to the binder level in front and six inches from bottom in rear will provide significantly more support and stability than the use of dowels.

So the next time you are being asked for precast curb with dowel holes, check with your installer and then give us a call.

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