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Quality Products with a Focus on Eco-Friendly Innovation


LEED Points with Precast Concrete from Precast Specialties Corp

One of the most important concepts that Precast Specialties Corp. continually strives for is sustainability. Sustainable products are those that are environmentally responsible, economically profitable, and socially aware. Precast concrete offers a variety of eco-friendly advantages when used in construction projects.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. For companies, using precast concrete can help them earn LEED credit in terms of site development.

- By choosing precast for structural elements like walls or flooring, companies earn LEED points because of the reusability of the precast

- LEED points are given for using recycled materials, and precast concrete is partially composed of recycled materials such as fly ash and recycled steel

- Serving a local market, Northeast companies using Precast Specialties Corp. earn credits for choosing locally harvested raw materials

- Precast concrete can save building owners up to 25% on heating and/or cooling costs for the entire life cycle of the concrete

- Precast concrete can also help reduce heat islands, places like industrial sites that retain consistently higher temperatures than surrounding areas

In the building environment, in addition to being sustainable, Precast focuses on making products that meet both the needs of the present as well as the future. With quality products and a focus on eco-friendly innovation, Precast Specialties Corp. offers the best of both worlds for our precast customers.

Featured Architecture Firm: Perkins + Will




An international leader in sustainable projects and design innovation, Precast Specialties Corp. has been a fan of Perkins + Will for years. With work in sectors ranging from aviation and transit to commercial buildings and recreation facilities, we applaud Perkins + Will’s dazzling use of an array of materials, including precast, to create their iconic buildings.


Stanford University Auxiliary Library III
Photo: Perkins + Will

One notable suburban office/warehouse structure from Perkins + Will that has received much praise is the Stanford University Auxiliary Library III, a facility that houses many archives and rare book collections of Stanford University. This unique structure with smooth faced concrete walls was cleverly built to allow light in while maintaining the building’s artful and modern design.


Trent Community Sport and Recreation
Photos: Tom Arban Photography on Arch Daily

Perkins + Will also created an 80,000 square foot community sport and recreation center in Ontario, Canada. The interior design concept of this waterfront building features many elaborate elements, from intricate lighting to bold color schemes, meant to give the recreation center a very modern look. The structure uses natural and recycled materials including copper, wood, polished architectural concrete block and black anodized aluminum and achieved a LEED silver certification.

Precast: The Specialist in Roadway Products


Precast Roadway Group - Precast Concrete Curbs, Bumpers, Pole Bases

As one division of Precast Specialties Corp. precast concrete production, the Roadway Group is responsible for supplying roadway/site construction products to a wide range of customers like DeRosa Curb.

What Makes Us Special

Our strong, durable air-entrained, super-plasticized concrete is ideal for curbing and bumpers, pole bases and boxes, and posts and bounds. When Precast Specialties Corp. accepts a project, we always develop a curb layout plan that identifies the length of each curb and its exact installation position. This layout plan is used by our plant and our customers to coordinate the logistics of every job. Odd curb lengths are custom made in our plant to eliminate on-site cutting. By implementing this process on every job, we partner with our customers to reduce their job costs and to help make their project flow more easily.

Proudly Producing Products for the City of Boston

We produce City of Boston standard light pole bases and handholes and carry both roadway (black iron) and sidewalk (composite or galvanized steel) frame and covers. They are in stock and available for immediate delivery. Light pole and traffic signal bases are available in other styles and sizes to meet specific project specifications.

Looking for Posts and Bounds?

Precast offers both square and triangular posts, as well as surveying bounds in 36″ and 48″ lengths.

We Value our Customers

Precast roadway customers include: Lowes, Collicot Cunningham School, Avalon at Hathorne Hill, Woburn High School, Lincoln Mall, Home Depot, Black Rock Country Club, North Shore Mall and many more.