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A View From The Top


Interview with Precast’s President John D’Amelio

Precast Specialties Corp. Works on BU Project

Could you tell us about the project you are currently working on at Boston University?
“The addition of this on-campus residence hall has been something that the Boston University Medical School has talked about for decades. We are happy to be on the team that is making it a reality. For the nine-story, $40 million structure, designed by Beacon Architectural Associates, we created 120 architectural precast panels and 300 architectural precast trim units. The general contractor for the project is Walsh Brothers Inc.

Were there any other custom aspects of the job?
“Yes. The architect wanted the facade to have a smooth, sleek appearance. Our manufacturing team applied a light sand-blast finish to the panels to achieve the aesthetic objective. The panels are a custom blend of white and grey Portland cement with fine white sand and a DSC ‘Autumn Leaves’ tint.”

How do you think this building will impact the neighborhood?

“The new residence hall will replace a presently vacant structure and existing surface parking/storage uses along with substantial open space that will contribute to the character of the surrounding neighborhood. The project will also reduce pressure on local affordable housing, and increase foot traffic and commercial activity in the area.”

What else makes this project special?

“It is a project that has a design and manufacturing team that is based in the US. As the economy continues to recover, I think it’s important for educational institutions like BU to support American made products. Boston’s Mayor Menino echoes D’Amelio’s sentiment. ‘I’m proud to support this project because it will create graduate student housing for more than 200 students who will be the next doctors, researchers, and public health leaders,’ Mayor Menino said. ‘Additionally, this project creates 250 much needed construction jobs, allowing more men and women to go back to work.’”

Precast Specialties Corp. Applauds Eco-Friendly Initiatives in Massachusetts


Sustainable Solar Field Efforts on Martha's Vineyard
Precast Specialties Corp. wants to recognize both American Capital Energy and Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative for their recent agreement to reuse ten capped landfills for the production of solar energy. Projected to power 3,132 Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard homes, the solar field is expected to produce around 22,500 MWh every year.

The federal government has estimated that there are close to 425,000 industrial or contaminated sites known as “brownfields” throughout the United States. The EPA and various other alternative energy companies are actively working to transform these deserted landfills into solar energy producing areas.

As a member of the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association), APA (Architectural Precast Association) certified Precast Specialties Corp. President John D’Amelio is a strong believer in sustainability. PSC ensures that each piece of precast concrete manufactured meets the current need of any customer and also offers eco-friendly features that provide for the future.

Precast Specialties Corp.maintains its sustainable focus through efficient service and production of products that are both durable and good for the environment. Although a small step in the alternative energy movement, Precast Specialties Corp. alongside American Capital Energy and Cape & Vineyard Electric Cooperative are continually striving to create and improve the future of New England’s built environment.