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Sustainability: A Building Block of Precast Specialties Corp.


Sustainable Precast

Sustainable is a word and a concept that John D’Amelio, President of Precast Specialties Corp., wants you to think of when you think about precast concrete as a building material. Precast concrete is a sustainable building material and an excellent green building material choice because it is energy efficient, durable and eco-friendly. Because of the versatile application of precast concrete, the use of precast can contribute to the LEED points of a final project. Precast Specialties Corp. thanks all of the builders and contractors we’ve had the opportunity to work with who share our focus on sustainability and look forward to working on even more local and sustainable projects in the future for New England’s built environment. Stay tuned for more information about precast’s sustainable properties.

Holistic Approach

by Marc Margulies, AIA, LEED AP
Published in Environmental Design + Construction

Sustainable design and construction has become the norm rather than the exception in commercial real estate, with new construction and existing buildings alike striving for LEED certification. The key to approaching a sustainable project, especially one going for LEED Gold, is to look at the entire project from a holistic point of view and consider every aspect of design and construction as a piece of the “sustainability puzzle.”

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