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Precast Specialties Corp. Provides Local, Sustainable Precast for the First LEED Building in Norwood


Precast Specialties Corp. Precast Concrete in LEED Silver Building
Expected to achieve LEED Silver certification by the US Green Building Council, the latest office building project that will house FM Global and Dedham Medical Associates located in Norwood began this November by Hobbs Brook Management LLC. With Marguiles Perruzzi Architects, a longtime Precast partner, and construction manager CM Columbia Construction, Hobbs Brook Management continues its reputation of incorporating energy efficient and green building practices into this new structure.

“Marguiles Perruzzi Architects designed the building to accommodate tenants with separate entrances and lobbies for each…A shared café resides on the FM Global side of the building but is accessible to Dedham Medical patients from an exterior door. The new building was sited to fit in to the complex of office buildings that comprises FM Global’s Center for Property Risk Solutions…The façade of precast concrete and metal rainscreen panels was chosen to blend into the context of the other buildings.

“The new building will be designed, constructed, and operated as a high-performance green building. Planned features include: 22% optimized energy performance; high performance HVAC equipment; 40% water use reduction; drought resistant plants, indigenous to the region that minimize the needs for irrigation water; bioswale and rain gardens that remove silt and pollution from surface water runoff prior to releasing in to the storm water system; a high reflection roof to reduce heat islands and to reduce building energy needs; solar shading on exterior window system to cut down on heat gain in the building; and the implementation of recycled and regional building product materials .” (High Profile)

A Staggering Work of Concrete and Steel


One World Trade Center, New York City

As many know, the National September 11 Memorial opened to the public on Monday. Alongside the memorial, also located at Ground Zero, is another new American landmark, One World Trade Center. While the newest addition to the New York City skyline is still under-construction, not only is the building an architectural wonder, “a constant dance between concrete and steel,” but it is also arguably the most secure building in America.

At its base, the first three floors are made of a “super tough three-foot-thick blend of concrete.” Port Authority Executive Chris Ward explains that this “blast wall” is made from 18,000 lbs per square inch concrete. This special concrete blend will also make up the building’s core. Two-to-six-foot walls of this concrete will protect the vital elements – communications systems, ventilation systems, sprinklers, elevators, etc, making them essentially “fireproof.” Blast-resistant glass encases 20 floors for further protection.

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One World Trade Center is a staggering work of architecture and represents both hope and rebirth. Thanks to innovative uses of steel and concrete, this tower has risen majestically to an iconic 1776 feet tall with unparalleled strength.

Precast Specialties Corp. Featured This Month on the NPCA Blog


Precast Specialties Corp. on NPCA Blog
As part of National Precast Concrete Association’s (NPCA) “Meet a Precaster” series, we’re pleased to be this month’s spotlight firm!

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A View From The Top


Interview with Precast’s President John D’Amelio

Precast Specialties Corp. Works on BU Project

Could you tell us about the project you are currently working on at Boston University?
“The addition of this on-campus residence hall has been something that the Boston University Medical School has talked about for decades. We are happy to be on the team that is making it a reality. For the nine-story, $40 million structure, designed by Beacon Architectural Associates, we created 120 architectural precast panels and 300 architectural precast trim units. The general contractor for the project is Walsh Brothers Inc.

Were there any other custom aspects of the job?
“Yes. The architect wanted the facade to have a smooth, sleek appearance. Our manufacturing team applied a light sand-blast finish to the panels to achieve the aesthetic objective. The panels are a custom blend of white and grey Portland cement with fine white sand and a DSC ‘Autumn Leaves’ tint.”

How do you think this building will impact the neighborhood?

“The new residence hall will replace a presently vacant structure and existing surface parking/storage uses along with substantial open space that will contribute to the character of the surrounding neighborhood. The project will also reduce pressure on local affordable housing, and increase foot traffic and commercial activity in the area.”

What else makes this project special?

“It is a project that has a design and manufacturing team that is based in the US. As the economy continues to recover, I think it’s important for educational institutions like BU to support American made products. Boston’s Mayor Menino echoes D’Amelio’s sentiment. ‘I’m proud to support this project because it will create graduate student housing for more than 200 students who will be the next doctors, researchers, and public health leaders,’ Mayor Menino said. ‘Additionally, this project creates 250 much needed construction jobs, allowing more men and women to go back to work.’”