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FM Global Office Project Completed


FM Global

Precast Specialties Corp. is happy to share this finished Norwood, Massachusetts building. We touched on the project in an earlier post last fall, but it has recently been completed. Hobbs Brook Management LLC, a pioneer in the development of office space in Boston-area suburbs, managed progress on this building, which should soon receive LEED certification. It’s located at 1175 Boston/Providence Highway in Norwood, Massachusetts. The office building houses two companies: Dedham Medical Associates and FM Global, a worldwide force in business property insurers. Ground was first broken for the project on October 21st, 2011.

FM Global 2

It was designed by Margulies Perruzzi Architects and constructed by the Columbia Construction Company. The panels were erected by American Steel & Precast Erectors of Greenfield, NH. Precast Specialties Corp. provided this project with ninety-five dark-buff colored precast panels with ribbed features and a monolithic sun shade.

Hobbs Brook Management LLC has emphasized energy efficiency and green building practices for over thirty years. This office building was no different. Constructed as a high-performance green building, the project has a laundry list of efficiency features, including irrigation-water-reducing indigenous and drought-resistant plant materials, a high reflection roof to disperse sunlight, and solar shaded windows. It all adds up to one impressive, eco-friendly office building for Dedham Medical and FM Global, and hopefully some new job positions for Norwood, MA residents. The 200 FM Global employees relocating to this building certainly have something to look forward to!

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Precast Specialties Corp. specializes in architectural concrete panels, concrete roadway products and exceptional custom precast products including seawall panels, boat ramps and large support piers. All of our custom products are cast in our factory utilizing 5,000 psi, super-plasticized, air-entrained concrete. We can produce virtually any color, finish or texture to meet your project needs. We are dedicated to helping construct LEED certified buildings that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Find out what our clients and contractors have to say about our work, or see for yourself by contacting us for your next project at:

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Design Solutions With Precast Concrete


Precast Concrete
For commercial building needs, precast concrete not only offers benefits in terms of sustainability. For each unique structure, precast is an ideal building material to meet a wide range of functional and aesthetic requirements.

From the Precast Concrete Institute

Office Buildings
Design Challenge – Provide open interior spaces to create open-floor layouts and allow for rearrangement of spaces as needs change
Precast Solution – Hollow-core slab or double-tee floor and roof components have long span capabilities that eliminate columns and provide unobstructed runs for utilities in the cores of hollow-core or between double-tee stems

Design Challenge – Increase energy efficiency
Precast Solution – Thermal mass helps regulate temperatures; insulated precast concrete sandwich panels provide added energy efficiency due to insulation in the core

Design Challenge – Create secured parking beneath office levels
Precast Solution – Precast concrete structural systems can be used to create parking on lower levels, provide firerated separation, and allow flexible layout options for office space

Design Challenge – Create tall, open interiors to allow for flexible merchandising space
Precast Solution – Architectural precast concrete panels can be designed to provide high ceilings.

Design Challenge – Provide for future expansion of the facility
Precast Solution – Expansion can be accomplished by removing end panels and adding new panels onto the sides. Original mixtures and aggregates can be replicated in added panels to match the existing structure.

Stadiums and Arenas
Design Challenge – Design economical rows of seating that can withstand heavy loading
Precast Solution – Seating risers, especially economical double and triple risers, are the dominant choice for seating sections in outdoor stadiums and many indoor arenas. Shapes can vary to create needed sight lines, and vibrations can be controlled so that motion during use gives a sense of strength and security

Design Challenge – Ensure all materials can withstand year-round weather for many years with minimal maintenance required
Precast Solution – Precast concrete mixtures ensure a long life cycle with the capability to withstand use by large capacity crowd

Design Challenge – Create an aesthetic design that fits the owner’s need, whether it is a contemporary look or an old-fashioned stadium design with modern amenities
Precast Solution – Architectural precast concrete panels use colors, textures, reveals, finishes, formliners, or thinbrick insets to match any needed design style

Parking Structures
Design Challenge – Ensure high durability
Precast Solution – Concrete with low water–cement ratios and high-quality, plant-produced components projects against chloride penetration from deicing chemicals

Design Challenge – Meet the area’s seismic requirements.
Precast Solution – Precast concrete systems, using proven connection technology, allow precast concrete components to be used in all seismic zones

Mixed Use
Design Challenge – Create an upscale image while allowing each function with the building to maintain its own in design
Precast Solution – The plasticity of precast concrete components, and the variety of finishes that can be used, ensure that designs blend with any surroundings and project any needed corporate image, while also allowing for diversity

Design Challenge – Provide structural support for many small rooms above open, column-free ballrooms and conference areas
Precast Solution – Hollow-core slabs span long distances while providing structural support, minimizing columns on lower floors

Sustainability and Cost Savings with Precast Concrete and Precast Specialties Corp.


Precast Concrete Sustainability
As a key component of being a sustainable building material, precast concrete offers energy efficiency that is beneficial for both the planet and owners’ wallets.

With a high thermal mass, precast is able to effectively moderate temperature variations, absorbing heat during the day and slowly releasing heat as temperatures drop at night. The highly dense concrete limits internal building temperature fluctuations as heat cannot easily penetrate the precast. By the time heat has been absorbed into the concrete, evening temperatures drop and the precast emits heat overnight reducing the need for additional heating. By keeping hot air “out” during the day and self-heating spaces in the evening, building owners will see a direct energy saving result and lower heating/cooling costs.